Friday, 11 November 2011

Lakefield 8ft Modular Cabana

Lakefield 8ft Modular Cabana

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Here she is the day the roof was finally put up.  What a relief especially after only tarp up during a hail storm and me sitting inside!  What were the odds of a hail storm for the few days without a roof!!  Heard a tornado touched down not too far away.

The cedar dutch door on the kitchen table in the process of clamping, installing lock.

The door sitting in the frame sideways on the kitchen table. Seems the kitchen table was used for everything but eating! Realizing I need a workshop space.

My first home made window 18" x 24" plexiglass.  I only started with a jigsaw, and found it too hard on my back so this is where I made the decision to invest in a table saw.  Took me awhile to master it. Sure could have used it making the door! Window swings outward to better accommodate storage.  Enjoyed working with cedar and doing the trim work.

The pieces starting to stack up in preparation for the sheathing. 2x3" for light weight, screwed together rather than hammered.
Using the hall to layout the roof pieces. First time to do angle cuts, very nervous about it. And first time to make a roof.  The table saw was on the cheap and was limited regarding angles.  Needed to start making jigs. Struggled too long with the jigs and made some free hand angle cuts to save time. Need a jig to make the jigs!!

After long lasting winter, made it on site.  Starting to attach the sheathing. It was slow going as it rained alot. Sleeping quarters were temporarily on a porch not big enough to work in, so everything had to stop until it dried.  Drinking water was bottled water, and hydro was borrowed from a neighbour.  This is what I felt like when it rained.and I couldn't work...  

The sun is out, back to work! Spent alot of time covering things and uncovering things for protection from the elements. Picked a spot under the trees to avoid sunburn and keep cool
 The cavalry arrives to help with the heavier 2x4' pieces of the floor and to turn it over once assembled.  No strait surface to work on made assembly difficult. Didn't think to use clamps until later, a must for better fit.  Each piece reinforces the other.

Then the walls go up, interior view.

Trying out the dutch door! Air bed was directly behind it and you could lay in bed and look directly up into the sky and trees!
The view!

Trying out the window! Just love that cedar, finished with a wonderful Tungsten Oil.

Putting on some trim and waiting for the black paper to arrive for the roof.  Fall arrives and weather getting colder. Time to head back to the city.

And it all started with a thought, and a plan. My own design. One of the rough drafts, using Photoshop. Pieces had to be lightweight and manageable for my build, easy to move or modify. Made some changes to this, took out the 1x3" as they weren't sturdy enough, and their actual size differed from store to store. The 2x3" did nicely.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Of Vintage Things

Camera Girl
Came across this wonderful image of a woman behind a camera while moving some boxes.  One of the boxes was my memorabilia box.   Some old photos, and writings by my mother.  I  feel as if she was still here when I see her handwriting and can smell her familiar perfume in her things.  Her private thoughts away from her family scrawled upon a page evoked a sense of her vivacious spirit.  It always surprises me that she had a life separate from her children.  She always made us feel that we were the center of her world.
I think I will be putting up my dad's Coronet F-20 camera up for sale soon. 

Friday, 21 October 2011

Architecture and Nature

Always looking for inspiration. Happened across this blog - Green Art . Looking at new ideas for designing an interior garden to last all year long and using a method to collect rainwater, or melted snow water for its main water supply. We get so much rain and snow, it is just a matter of channeling it properly.  We focus on removing snow in winter, why not find ways of using it as a resource and work with nature instead of making it something to shove aside. Photo is from Christoph Wassmann.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Artist Tom Thompson's Mystery

Tom Thompson's skull
This photo was taken from the audio/slide show The mystery of Tom Thomson's death 
Spent most of the day catching up on some Canadian art news and reading about this intriguing unsolved mystery of Tom Thompson. In the process I was happy to discover a writer who writes about Canada. I am glad they found out it was his skull. No mention of the families reaction though to the finding.  And there was some question about it being a bullet hole. It sure looks like it to me, but I am not a forensic scientist. What was the other option...the theory that he injured himself with his rowing ore. You would think they could now do a proper investigation to find out if the hole is a gun shot wound or not.  Here's a photo of him with a paddle.  For some reason I think the paddle would have made more of a mess. Where are CSI when you need them!!!

Lake Evans, Gore, Lakefield, Quebec

Beautiful Lake Evans which has so captured my heart and probably my soul too. I hope to explore all the lakes around the Laurentians. I never thought that I would be caught reading about mosses and looking up tree ailments, having been raised in the city, but my favorite tree which I call "Molly" seems to be afflicted with something. I am still learning the turf. As I adventure I will be posting my explorations of this area, and this completely new way of  living for me.  Fed up with the diluted products today, I've decided to start to do things Au-natural.  Looked into some soap making yesterday.